Stop Beagle Digging

The Tools Used to Stop Beagle Digging

Trying to stop beagle digging can be a difficult task but may be rewarding for the dog owner if the training is completed successfully.  Beagles are a smart, loyal and loving breed of dogs and they make excellent companion to people of any age when trained well.  Beagles are commonly trained to be house pets, but they can also be trained to be show dogs or working dogs because of their high intelligence and high capacity to learn new tasks and tricks.  By following a few beagle training tips, the learning process can be made quick and easy.

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A Leash and Collar Set

There are different training tools that can be used to effectively stop beagle digging and each of these tools can make the training of the dog much easier.  The most common training tool that may be used is a dog leash and collar set.  The leash and collar helps to control the dog from wandering around and communicate to them where they should go.

The dog leash should never be used as a negative reinforcement during the training to stop beagle digging.  The dog should never be punished by jerking or yanking on its leash when it does not want to follow the owner’s direction as these may harm the dog.  And constantly hurting the dog will have a negative effect on the dog.  It might not want to use the leash and collar again because of its bad experience with it.  The dog leash should be used for gentle coaxing and careful maneuvering of the dog into a more suitable position.  It also provides the dog with a reminder to focus on the training to stop beagle digging and prevent it from wandering away during the training sessions.

Doggy Treats

Doggy treats are used by many professional dog trainers as positive reinforcements during training to stop beagle digging because it keeps the dog interested in the training and provides the dog with a reward for accomplishing their task.  The owner may also use doggy treats to train their pet to stop beagle digging.  These treats should not be given to the dog at any other time of the day so that the dog may look forward to that treat during training and it will learn that paying attention and accomplishing the task will get the precious treat.

There are many commercial doggy treats available in the market that can be used to stop beagle digging.  And a trainer has his choice to choose from any of those treats.  But a trainer can also use whatever is available in his kitchen like leftover chicken or ham to use as treats which are as enticing and as yummy as those available in the market.

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